Learn to freedive on Christmas Island with a world renowned freediving athlete and instructor

Meet our instructor

Hi I’m David Mulheron,

I’m a freediving instructor and athlete.

I’m the current national record holder in CWTB (constant weight bi-fins) and represented Australia at the freediving depth world championships in France in 2019. Teaching others to freedive is something I love to do. Whether you are someone just wanting to improve your snorkelling or an experienced spearfisher wanting to dive deeper for longer, taking a freediving course is the best way to learn to improve your skills and freedive safely and confidently. The improvements you can make in a short amount of time with proper instruction are amazing to see. Christmas island it blessed with clear warm water and incredible marine life. Taking a freediving course here will allow you to make the most of this amazing place.

David Mulheron
Competitor and instructor, Freedive Christmas Island


Freedive Christmas Island is a freediving centre located in the warm, crystal clear waters of the Indian Ocean. 

Christmas Island is a truly unique location. The island was formed from the summit of an extinct volcano, rising from the edge of the Java trench. The sea plummets to depths of 500m within 200m of shore and is surrounded by amazing tropical reef and marine life.

Christmas Island is covered by 135-sq-km of national park and is home to endemic species of sea birds, land crabs and marine life, nicknamed the Galapagos of the Indian Ocean. Christmas Island is a place where you can explore the tropical jungle, caves and waterfalls or relax and experience a truly laidback island lifestyle. Come and join us for a course and learn to freedive in paradise.

If you would like more information about Flights, accommodation and other activities on christmas island please contact our friends at Christmas Island Tourism Association.



This course offers a basic knowledge of freediving and introductory skills

Molchanovs Wave 1

Learn the basics of freediving by uncovering your natural freediving ability. Here you will be taught to dive down 12 to 20 meters, and learn techniques to hold your breath beyond a minute and a half. Topics include the physics of freediving, introduction to equalization and breathing, dive visualization and much more.  

Molchanovs Wave 2

Students learn how to train the body for freediving and all the skills and knowledge needed to dive comfortably up to 24-30 meters, as well as hold your breath beyond two and a half minutes. Topics include relaxation modifications, improvement of Frenzel equalization, introduction to the dolphin kick and much more.

Wave 1/2 combo course

Improve your freediving skills and knowledge beyond the basics in a short amount of time. You will learn the techniques to take you freediving from beginner level to advanced over a 5 day intensive course

Training and Coaching Sessions

If you have already taken a freediving course but still want to dive deeper, increase your breath hold or improve your technique, our instructor will help you to achieve your freediving goals

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